Artists Apply Here!

Dear Artists,

Thank you for your interest in Oklahoma Artcade! We are now accepting artists, game developers, and designers to be featured in our 2019 show. Our show couldn’t be possible without you and your efforts!

As a further thank you for our continuous support, we’ve extended the event! Instead of just one day, we now have TWO days.

The deadline to apply is August 31st, 2019.

Artists that plan to participate must:

  • Pay a flat $15 entry fee. This helps cover the cost of the venue and allows each artist up to 5 pieces for showing. $5 of every artist entry will be donated directly to YWCA, our designated charity of choice.
  • Submit only original works of art.
  • Submit art that fits the theme. Video games, specifically. (Comic book themed/anime pieces will not be accepted.)
  • Adhere to the deadlines and communicate effectively.
  • Be responsible for their own work. Which means that YOU are responsible for delivering sold artwork and retrieving unsold artwork at the end of the show.

What we include in the show:

Original works of art: Paintings, sculpture, sketches, drawings, watercolor, woodwork, papercraft, manual etching, engraving, framed cross-stitching, installation art, recyclable/found object compositions, and anything that employs artistic methods and shares artistic goals that are relevant to the topic of gaming.

Custom games, Arduino art, or microcontroller-based art: Art that combines the digital and the material. Some examples of this include reactive installations, original video games, and digital kinesthetic sculpture. Pieces of this nature may be interactive or act as an installation. Must be relevant to the topic of gaming or include elements of retro game design.

What we will NOT accept:

Prints, perler art (or pony beads), Lego art, stickers, buttons, shirts, 3-D printed items, digital art printed on fine paper (aka prints- I’m saying it twice), soap, stuffed animals or “plushies”, jewelry, posters, keychains, furniture, or anything mass-produced.

Special Section Incentive:

This year, we would like to incorporate a small, subsection showcasing the “Women of Gaming.” Specifically, we are more looking to featuring female protagonists and empowering characters as opposed to “damsels in distress.” So, if you plan on submitting a piece, please keep this delineation in mind.

In the form below, for the text box that is labeled “What type of piece(s) will you be contributing?” Please state if you have an interest in providing a piece for this theme.

Women of Gaming examples:

Samus Aran (Metroid), Lara Croft (Tomb Raider), Alyx Vance (Half-Life), Princess Zelda (Legend of Zelda), Max Caulfield (Life is Strange), Aloy (Horizon Zero Dawn), Cereza (Bayonetta), Aya Brea (Parasite Eve), Claire Redfield (Resident Evil), Jill Valentine (Resident Evil), etc.

If you are interested, please fill out the form below. (Required)

If your application is approved, you will receive an email with further instructions. Expect the email to come from the address The emails are not automatically generated, so expect an individually tailored response and allow for time before you receive a reply.