Oklahoma Artcade: A Video Game Art Show!

Artcade Pic

Oklahoma Artcade is best defined as an altruistic art show that stands on the divide of fine art and video game pop culture. With this marriage of media, Oklahoma Artcade brings out nerd and art aficionado alike; as it has something for everyone of all interests and ages.

Not only does Oklahoma Artcade showcase fine art such as paintings, sculptures, etchings, sketches, mobiles, and papercraft, but you will also find one-of-a-kind custom-made games, arduino art, among other various types of technological blends.

The secret of Artcade? Nothing is mass produced. Each item is a labor of love.



The event is free for all to attend. Every piece of art was available to purchase, and the prices were set by the creators without worry of an exorbitant curator’s fee. On average, 40% of the overall pieces are sold at Artcade each year.

Pac and Frog

Artists from all across Oklahoma convened to impart their abilities to the collective. Age was but a number, and even some elementary school children proved a passion for art.


2017: The first Artcade debuted on November 3rd, 2017 at the Paramount in Oklahoma City with an astonishing turnout. More than 450 guests attended, adults and children alike, while simultaneously raising well over $500 for our selected charity, Hotdogs for the Homeless.

2018: In Artcade’s second consecutive year, over 30 different artists supplied the show with more than 150 pieces of art! Nearly 60 pieces sold and close to $600 was raised for the accompanying charity, Hotdogs for the Homeless.

2019: Artcade’s third consecutive year was a hit! Close to 30 artists lent their talents to the show, we had steady traffic throughout both days, a great turnout for trivia AND VHS and Chill’s special retro game movie session, sold a total of 62 pieces, and raised a little over $400 for our charity of choice, YWCA Oklahoma City.

Thanks to all involved!

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